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About us

What is LetVox.com and why is it unique? This is a speaking portal that doesn’t have any analogue in Europe or CIS. LetVox.com is unique because it gives the opportunity to convert any text into mp3 file with the help of text-to-speech technologies. News feed, e-mails, books, textbooks or lectures turn into audio file just in a click.

The advantage of LetVox.com is that our users choose the text for converting themselves and at the same time we do not deprive them of choice whether to read or to listen to news and letters for it’s the private choice of every user.

Who have we created the project for and who are our users? LetVox.com.com’s user is successful and active, they have a lot of hobbies and interests. Our user values their time and will never waste it, each minute they would spend usefully trying to improve and develop themselves.

Letvox. com will become an indispensable tool for those who study or teach foreign languages. From now on reading a new text is not a torture LetVox.com will always give you a tip.

The objectives of LetVox.com:

  • To create a new state-of-the-art service in providing information
  • To provide the users of LetVox.com.com with efficient tool for studying foreign languages and for educational purposes
  • To lower the risks of eye diseases
  • The availability of the information for people with sight problems
  • Safe access to information for drivers.

Regardless of LetVox.com being state-of-the-art it is very simple and comprehensible in use.

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