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FAQ or frequently asked questions


  • What is my files?:

Answer: These are files that are saved from your playlist. Here you can create folders and keep important  mp3 files, as you will have to clean your playlist from time to time.

  • How to convert mp3?

Answer: Copy the necessary text, paste it into player’s window, press the button. Your file will appear in the playlist you can download it or listen to it. The file will automatically be saved in my files.

  • What does full access to portal mean?

Answer: it means that you can use LetVox.com services without limit of 1500 symbols in all languages that are available on the portal.

  • What’s the difference between full and limited access to the portal?

Answer: if you don’t have full access you can convert the texts that do not exceed 1500 symbols with spaces. This limit has nothing to do with news which is published on the portal LetVox.com.


  • What is the difference between mail boxes rf.ua and letvox.com?

Answer: the only difference is in the name and domain. The principle of listening to mail is just the same.

  • How can I listen to my mail?

Answer: Tick the letters that you would like to listen to and press the button .

  • Is there someone who is going to read my mail?

Answer: No. No one except you is going to read your mail. The information is converted by a special speech synthesis program, not by a human.


  • How to work with LetVox player?

Answer: Copy the necessary text, paste it into player’s window, press the button.

  • What is reading rate and what is it for?

Answer: reading rate – it’s the rate the text will be read at. You can choose the most comfortable for you tempo of text reading.

  • What does plus mean on the player’s panel and why do I need it?

Answer: It’s the button which you can use to add tracks to your playlist while listening to the tracks that you already have in your playlist.

  • How can I listen to news or articles from other portals?

Answer: read how to work with LetVox player.

  • How is my playlist formed?

Answer: All the texts that you paste into player’s window will appear in your playlist

  • How many files can there be in my playlist?

Answer: maximum 100 tracks.

Technical issues:

  • The text is read incorrectly.

Answer: Check if the language of the text is the same that is set on the players’ panel. e.g. If your text is in English and the player is set to work in German, the text can be read incorrectly.

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